UNMERCIFULNESS Matthew 6:14-21

MEMORY VERSE           2 Peter 2:9.

 The children of mercy are not this sinful and temporally world. The citizenship of the sin-free is in heaven. Only the children of this world put their treasure on the earth, little knowing that they take to unprofitable exercise. They cannot easily forgive those who sin against them; instead they call upon God to kill their adversary little known that the merciful God does not easily kill the people whereby he created in His own likeness and image. Mercilessness is one of the children of Satan. The sinners take to the world of the prince of Death their father. Even if somebody claims to be a child of God, a spirit filled man of God, but he cannot forgive all, he is not of God. Such is self deception in the spiritual battle. Never you wait until those who sin against you seek forgiveness before you forgive them. Seeing that the presence of unforgiving spirit is a day or few minutes in a sin-free soul disfigures Divine nature in him. Here Satan comes and abide in the person, but he knows not.
 Whosoever has confrontation with sinners who hurts him, is not of Christ. Unforgiving Heart is a dwelling place for Satan on earth. Thou shall not transform the dwelling place of Christ (your heart) into the house of Satan and demons, by reason of neglect of mercy. Mercilessness speaks the son-ship of Satan. A sinner is not wise. He abides in darkness of death and eternal senselessness; unless Jesus passes through a child of mercy and call him to repentance. Whosoever fails to labor for salvation of evil doers stands afar from mercy. God does not recognize him. A backslider in christian religion cannot speak the language of forgiveness and mercy. The spirit and nature of God had left him. Beware of self -love . the gross misconduct, speak mercilessness and lovelessness to the others. Such is the nature of Satan. The blinded mind of children of darkness separate them from God. They cannot seek the welfare of others. The sinners abide in darkness. The way of mercy they know not. God speaks the language of mercy to the children of this new life. Here they take to boundless mercy and also grow big in the noble conduct. The children of darkness hardly do good and show kindness to others continuously. Even if someone persuade them to pardon when he sins against them mistakenly or ignorantly, they would not. Little knowing that they take to will of Satan, their father. A christian who fails to forgive someone from the bottom of his heart is anti mercy. God cannot have mercy on him. Stunted growth and inability to grow rapidly, speaks unmercifulness. Many display mercilessness by reason for inability to excel in Christian conduct. Failure to help, do good to others and forgive all, is unmercifulness. 


 Unmercifulness speaks son-ship of Satan. It attract inward dryness in the life of sinners. Conflagration breaks out in the life and family of haters of mercy. The children of this world and hypocrite in the body of Christ exhibit mercilessness and establish unspeakable intimacy with Satan and demons. Here they have a portion unquenchable fire prepared of Satan and his angels. River of God's wrath from heaven overtakes children of darkness. The Bible says that if it is hard for sin-free to be saved, what would become of enemies of mercy. They stand afar from the blood of Jesus, life, knowledge of life, Divine pardon and God's mercy. Satan and his angels have their mind totally blinded. Here the devil grow stronger and wiser than these sinners. 
 Thus leading them to eternal lamentation, but they know not; not until the day whereby God will judge and condemn them for ever. Constant self-examination, according to God's word with unspeakable humility is true wisdom. Such is spiritual knowledge to uncover anti mercy in your life and let go on time. A christian who backfires when the ungodly men hurt him are one with the children of the devil. Unmercifulness gives birth to many evil. Neglect of the sick, needy, fatherless, suffering etc reaffirm mercilessness. Here God also neglect the sinners. 

 Hardness of heart toward sinners who cry for repentance is the mark of Unmercifulness. It attract God's condemnation. Even if a mighty killer, top sinner, notorious trouble maker etc cry for repentance under your watching eyes, intercede for him; without which you display mercilessness and stand condemned before God. Have mercy on your soul first of all. If you make mistake call upon God from the bottom of your heart to forgive you. Do not try to conceal your sin or make an excuse to justify unchristian conduct. Such is mercilessness. Thus bringing down God anger upon your soul. Many a time man's extremity, human weakness, personal incompetency, lack of understanding, lack of social position, pleasure of earthly business, inward incompetency etc hinder you from doing what God demands from you. Do not tell God the reason for disobedience; only weep bitterly inwardly and outwardly before God. Take to unspeakable lamentation and persuade the Lord to forgive you. Contract a covenant of true worship and perfect obedience before God. A little attempt to conceal or overlook the weakness authenticates mercilessness. Here God's wrath comes upon the false christian. A christian who passes judgement on others but does the same thing has no mercy upon himself. Here he condemns his soul. Have no fellowship with evil.

1. Who are the children of mercy?
2. Make known Divine nature according to this teaching
3. Declare someone who suffers from self-deception.
4. Tell the reason for forgiving the person who sin against you, though he does not seek pardon.
5. Tell the tragedy in neglect of mercy.
6. Who is an anti mercy?
7. Make known unmercifulness
8. Proclaim forty tragedies in mercilessness 
9. What says the Bible about selfishness? proverb 11:26; 24:11. Isaiah 5:8.