MEMORY VERSE            Acts 1:8

 God's work is spiritual warfare. Though we make war with visible and invisible foes, the battle is fully spiritual. The captains of the armies of heaven needs the leadership of Holy Ghost supremely. Many a time demons tip-toe into your ministry, house etc, but you make war with the mind of fighting Satan from afar. We glorify and thank God, who transform the sin-free human born into dwelling place of Holy spirit on earth. The children of this world are not aware of Holy Spirit. Every sinful Human born in the christian world is ignorant of Holy Ghost. The spirit stand afar from a sinner. Beware of righteousness, instability, love to evil and evil decision making, Whosoever takes to one of this things, is a great anti Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is extremely Holy.

 He recognizes all newly born spiritual children in the battle of life. He is the beginning of the new life and embryo of a change of life. Here the spirit moves someone who confesses his sin from the bottom of his heart and forsakes, to have a little knowledge of Holy Ghost. Even if he feels that he is blessed with Holy Spirit, he knows next to nothing in the knowledge of Holy Ghost. The presence of Holy Ghost in the life of sin-free worshipers, moves them to continue in the truth. The spirit of truth is a great inward personal teacher. He teaches someone who let go sin completely, in the way the person hears and knows what the spirit says. Stand out for righteousness. Do not confuse imperfect teachings with Holy and perfect inward teaching of Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is the foundation of unity in the church, never the author of confusion and separation. The holy Spirit who goes on teaching the sin-free the truth, is the spirit of truth in the soul.


 The word of Christ is spirit and life. Imperishable word and teaching of Christ in the soul of true worshipers speaks the presence of Holy spirit in the soul. Having a share in Divine grace through obedience to God's word sustains Holy Ghost in the life of Christ disciples. Make friends with strenuous and bitter spiritual duties, like Jesus. Such is the system to bind yourself with Holy Ghost. Do not let go whatsoever God intimates you to do in the warfare of true worship. Learn to fulfill all the righteousness in every negotiation with all. The Holy Ghost is an author of inward peace. Seek peace and abide in it always. Here you give the spirit of truth enough foothold in your life. Listen to the lord when he speaks to you, obey and assimilate the word, seeing that the word is spirit. God and Jesus abide in the souls of Christian who love them supremely. Keep the fire of Spiritual enthusiasm burning in your soul. The spirit can not take rest. Submit to him, in the method you move the spirit to use you always. Many on Earth today can not see the truth; whosoever moves sinners to know and take to the truth, move the Holy Spirit to abide in him. The spirit of the truth is in need of the human born who would be a father to fatherless, and a mother to motherless. 

 Stand up and open your arms to the people who need help from you. The quota where by you give in the office of supply for the welfare of others, steps down Holy Ghost pleasure. Here He abide in you. Labor to the best of your ability to sustain the weary in the body of Christ. Bear one another's burden continuously. Counsel and correct the newly born spiritual children in the body of Christ and in the Christian world. Submit to sin-free and dedicated leader who labor for your spiritual growth, uplift etc. The lord calls you to serve Him according to your ability. Willingness to meet Divine demand sustains the spirit of truth in your life.

1. Intimate the church of God's work.
2. Who is the dwelling place of Holy Spirit on Earth?.
3. Declare Christ Demands in spiritual warfare
4. What says this teaching about a sinner
5. Declare the power to continue in truth
6. Inform the church of the spirit of truth in the soul
7. Make known ten (10) systems to continue with the spirit of truth in your soul
8. Tell the church the religious work where by you are called to do .
9. Declare the method to avoid sin and stand spotless.