MEMORY VERSE:               Ephesians 6:3

God sent one of his true prophet from Judah to Bethel. Off  he went as god intimated him. thus prophesying against the alter under the watching eye of king Jeroboam ; who stood by the alter to burn incense, saying:" O alter thus saith the lord: Behold a child shall be unto the house of David Josiah by name: And upon thee shall he offer the priest of the high place that burn incense upon thee....." He gave a sign against the alter which finally came to fulfillment on that day. The king was highly displeased by reason for the word of God, which God intimated the prophet to speak against the alter of Bethel thus putting his hand from the alter, "saying lay hold on him" but the hand which he put forth against the man of God dried up, so that he could not pull it again to himself. Here the king persuaded the man of God to intercede for him: whereby he did, and the Kings hand was restored. The man of God kept on standing on the ground of obedience and total submission to divine will. Such is the foundation of peace. the king seeing heterogeneous signs and wonders performed by the man of God persuaded the prophet to come into his house and also receive gift, but the man of god refused , as  God commanded him. off he left through another way as God said. Here the man of God set fire on foundation of false peace. spiritual warfare is full of anti obedience. Many a times Satan's Subtilty, man extremity fear of man dying spiritual enthusiasm etc lift up their ugly hands against the messenger of God. thus doing everything possible to hinder a man of God from taking to Divine will. power,  wisdom, ability, grace and spiritual dynamo to overcome every anti obedience, ushers in God`s messenger into the office of  obedience. God loves the obedient christian soldier. Even if you take ill do not disobey God. Conditional and unconditional obedience authenticates peace in battle of the life on earth. Hold fast life-time and irrevocable dreadfulness before God especially when God deploys you. Tremble before God's word always. Keep your spiritual life shinning. Remember God cannot change his nature. Excel in the life of obedience. Grow big in the life of taking to every thing as God commands. Obedience is war. Give no foot-hold to spirit of obedience, here you abide in peace. Taking to every thing as God intimates you to do, is setting fire on false peace.


 The true worshipers quickly make an escape when children of this world want to take them by force into office of worldly business. Thus trying to divert their attention from what Jesus called them for. Here they abide in peace. A child of peace guard against Satan's Subtilty, enticing word of sinners, misdeed of sons and daughters of evil and whatsoever comes from Satan. Such is wisdom to abide in peace. Even if a man of the world urges him to take a gift from his hand, when God intimate him not to, he would not receive. Remember hoe prophet Elisha refused the gifts whereby Naaman presented before him and how Gehazi, a servant of the man of God finally receive the gifts. Here the leprosy of Naaman came him. No amount of money can make spiritual peace.  Beware of money. Stand afar pleasure in unrighteousness. serve the Lord with lifetime disunity with unjust gain, fruit of sinful nature, concealment of sin and taking to what is not true. Here you have peace. Remember righteousness is an intimate friend to peace . Serving God with clear conscience and standing on the holy ground authenticates peace. When children of darkness entice you don't give into them. Take to lifetime disunity with sinful brothers and sisters, false Christians, sinful parent, false pastors, reverend fathers, backsliders and hypocrites in the church. 
 You are called to labour for spiritual enlightenment, conviction of sin, confessing and renouncing ll known sin and holy turn round of these children of evil. Avert offering your heart or any part of your body as instrument of Satan to take to unrighteousness.
 You are commanded to put on the full armor of God, so as to be able uncover and overcome Satan's wiles and cunning plans of children of darkness. Be watchful always, so that you may not be carried away by misdeed of sons of lawlessness, and fall from your peace. 
 Read the holy Bible always. Excel in the habit of continuous and necessary prayer like Christ, Jesus our lord. Come to total submission to Christ teachings. Excel in the habit of serving God with student spirit. Do not forget personal Divine instruction, especially at the hour of Satan. Remember, the lord called you out of the world on the day of your holy turn round. The separation is lifetime separation.
 Overcome evil influence of defeated human born (the people who remain in bondage of sin). Make every effort to keep from every sinful member in the church.

1. Tell the christian conduct of the prophet.
2. Intimate the church the prophesy of the man of God.
3. Break short story about the Jeroboam.
4. Tell the church the system whereby the man of God set fire on the false peace.
5. Make known anti obedience in spiritual warfare.
6. Tell the world the system to set fire on the false peace.
7. Declare the system to hold fast peace.
8. Proclaim spiritual weapons to fight temptations. 2 kings 5:, Job 2:9 and 10.