MEMORY VERSE:         Job 34:10

 Satan is the prince and father of lawlessness. He formed himself with disobedience and also established his administration with lawlessness. Whosoever takes to lawlessness is of Satan. The native of this sinful and lower world cannot avert lawlessness. The sinful children of Israel and religious leaders in the days of Jesus Earthly open ministry renounced and dishonored Christ teaching on account of growing big in the habit of disobedience. Jesus loved them supremely. Thus making every effort to discipline the sinful descendant of Abraham, but they overcame obedience with lawlessness. Beware of lawless nature. Many took to lawless ignorantly. Lack of knowledge of divine demand from man, attract lawlessness. Lawlessness speaks administration and dominion of Satan.

   The misconduct is the component and element of the world of unrighteousness. Beside the true repentance you cannot let go lawlessness. There is a little false and momentary sweetness in disobedience. Inborn sin is the foundation of lawlessness. A child of Adam is not afraid to break Divine law. Little knowing that the unchristian conduct binds him together with Satan. Many in the christian world go no breaking Divine law on account of renunciation of cross in the office of obedience. Here Satan stands up and instigate them to worship God, with his own spirit (evil spirit) Beware of Satan's subjugation. Satan is the prince of this sinful world. Remember the prince of death does, but next to nothing in the absence of disobedience. Whosoever disobeys God, is of the world. Beware of evil Emergers (lawlessness). Lawlessness in Christian world is hypocritical  Divine worship. Make every effort to stand afar from children of this world; seeing that, they abide in lawlessness. The disunity speaks true worship and union with Christ. Excel in obedience day by day, till Jesus comes. Lack of knowledge of the truth and disobedience in the midst of sinners is lawlessness in the world.


 Take the cup of justification and put lawlessness to death. Let the righteousness from the spirit of new life and knowledge of Christ teaching put lawlessness to an end. There is no room for lawlessness in the souls of true worshipers who hold fast spiritual enthusiasm. Stand up and grow big in the spiritual zeal. Take to spiritual duties without ceasing. Make every effort to work spiritually, physically and otherwise. Here the spirit of lawlessness makes an escape. Avoid vain word and un-biblical speeches in ordinary and spiritual negotiation. Let Satan hold nothing you from every speech whereby you utter. Before you speech a word, take to little self-control and self-examination. Let God's word (a greater teacher) teach you the method to speak. Here you conquer lawlessness. Hold fast your understanding. Hate wickedness, Unrighteousness, Cheating, Hypocrisy, Unjust gain, Spirit of retaliation and evil decision making. Such is the system to listen to admonition and stand far from lawlessness. Love others supremely, if possible more than yourself, as Jesus did. The love would certainly put lawlessness to death. Serve lord with spiritual receptivity and student spirit. Here you sustain salvation, and exterminate lawlessness. 

 Lawlessness is a defeated man of war, It has no real existence. Embrace spiritual diligence and faithfulness. Here yo excel in righteousness and let go lawlessness. Endurance, adequate patience and submission to Divine will epitomize lawfulness. Stand up and make your calling and deployment sure, seeing that Holy Ghost works concurrently with hard working and dedicated disciple, and destroy the spirit of lawlessness. Hate the formidable and pitiless killer-lawlessness supremely, like captain of the armies of the lord. Seek spiritual cleansing and abide in it permanently. At the hour of Satan, do not take to childish plans, weakness and discouragement; so as to avoid ended up at sad end. Make sure you are mighty in spiritual and physical strength to resist and overcome evil. Such is the mark of victory over lawlessness. Excel in fundamental Spiritual duty-faith in Jesus. 

 Here you shake inborn foundation of lawlessness, through man's extremity and weakness. The desire to do God's will and bring down Divine pleasure is an indispensable weapon to fight and disfigure lawlessness. Ask God to increase your faith and ability to display undying righteousness till the end.

1. What says this teaching about Satan?
2. Inform the church of the makers of lawlessness.
3. Declare a christian who is able to let go lawlessness.
4. Tell the church of the foundation of lawlessness
5. Who are those who worship God with the spirit of Satan.
6. Intimate the church of lawlessness in the world
7. Make known the condition of salvation. 2 peter 1:10,11.
8. Declare divers sanctification. 2 timothy 2:21.
9. Tell the church of twenty spiritual weapons to fight lawlessness.