MEMORY VERSE       Mark 16:17.

The name of Jesus is full of grace. An infinite grace of Jesus sustains the church on Earth Today. Peter and John were full of grace. They grew big in the habit of true worship and taking to every thing on time. Here thy have abundant Grace found in the name of Jesus.
 The dominion of grace came upon a certain man who was lame from his mothers womb, before he was born. The young man had no knowledge of the message, and grace of salvation. He only knew the system to beg. Here he expect, Peter and John at the beautiful gate to give him something, little knowing knowing that the grace of our Lord is supreme. The grace is a mighty healer. Whosoever holds fast the grace of salvation, whereby he receives on the day of holy turn round is blessed with the power to bless children of this sinful world who is ignorance of the salvation and deliverance found in Jesus Name. Do not let go your spiritual zeal, dynamo and pleasure of righteousness. Peter and John took to stability, faithfulness and love to spiritual duties. They matched to the house of God at the hour of prayer to pray, little knowing that they established unspeakable intimacy, with the spirit of grace found in Jesus Name. Instead of giving the lame young man money or any other Earthly thing, as he demanded from them; "Peter said, Silver and Gold have I non; but such as I have give thee. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk".

 Here dominion of grace through proclamation of the Name of Jesus broke out in the life of the lame man. Peter took him by the right hand and lifted him up. He finally rose up and walk. Such is the demonstration of grace in the Name of Jesus. That is the divine expectation for you.
 Remember, power to excel in holiness, righteousness, integrity and pleasure of true worship, brings down increase of grace.
 Are you a child of grace? Lukewarmness, worldly mindedness and instability attract famine of grace. Whosoever takes to this misconduct is a dry Christian. He stand afar from grace. Never you over look over Satan's wiles. Many a time the devil moves many sin; at the same time he instigates the people to believe that that they abide in grace. The grace of healing and salvation is by proclaiming Jesus Name, There is grace in Jesus Name.


 Christ self-sacrifice brings down unspeakable grace in the life of true Christian who have a share in Christ death. We are deployed in spiritual warfare by the grace of Jesus. Power is Given to true worshipers to do work whereby the lord had been doing, even more than what the Lord did, seeing that we spend many years on Earth. Such is he grace in the Name of Jesus. The grace is sufficient to those who would be children of God, newly spiritual born children of God, mature Christians, disciples, disciple makers and the men of war blessed with many spiritual gifts. The Name of Jesus is power personified. We cast out demons, render Satan less than nothing, heal the sick, make many miracles, set the captive free etc by the name of Jesus. Jesus is the only entrance into Heaven and to the Father.

 Whosoever fails to come to a change of life through Jesus; comes to union with Satan and he stands afar from God. The person is ignorant of God. In Fact God does not recognize him. Unchangeable, sacrificial and unspeakable love of Christ, bring down the grace of salvation. Spiritual growth, spiritual power and eternal life reaffirm the grace to make Heaven. Holy Ghost indwelling, leadership of Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost baptism reaffirms the grace in the Name of Jesus.
 The wise and the dedicated soldiers of the cross, have confrontation with the prince of death and his armies, according to Christ teachings. Thus rendering defeated foes less than nothing. The Name of Jesus is an embryo till epitome of grace. Jesus loved the world(man) and let go his life for us; here He blesses His followers with the grace of ordinary and spiritual life. We are command to ask and receive in the Name of Jesus, change the plans of Satan and also set the captive free by His Name. Such is the heterogeneous grace in the Name of Jesus. The Name of Jesus ushers Christian world into the office of Divine love. Forgiveness of sin, deliverance from in-birth bondage and dominion of re-matured death, speaks divers grace in the Name of Jesus.

 The grace blesses us with power to serve God, Jesus and Holy Ghost with undying love. Increase of God's love in the church breaks out by reason of the grace. The grace steps down abundant, satisfaction, life, peace spiritual dynamo. The true and sin-free worshipers believe and depend Upon Jesus, though they do not see Him. Here they filled their soul with expressible and glorious joy. `Such is the reason for the grace.

1. Make known Christian conduct Peter and John.
2. What says this teaching about the endless grace of Jesus?
3. According to this teaching, who is the mighty healer?
4. Make known the Christian deployed by God to bring down grace of salvation to sinners.
5. Break the short story about the miracle that took place at the beautiful gate.
6. Intimate the church the grace in Jesus Name.
7. Declare divers grace in Jesus Name.
8. What says the Bible about spiritual love of Christ to men? John 13:1; 15:9,3.
9. Tell the world of the reason of the grace.