CHRIST MERCY Luke 7:12-15

 MEMORY VERSE:               LUKE 4 :18 

 It is of Christ compassion and grace that we are served from spiritual and ordinary death.God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost compassion created and sustain the world, until the fall of man. Sin is anti mercy. A sinner stand afar from compassion. He cannot deliver himself. In fact he is under condemnation and Death. Both man and garden of Eden were created by Divine compassion into the world, to usher in man into the field of mercy again. Jesus willfully had a share in humanity so as to destroy sinful nature, Satan, God' wrath, death and mercilessness in man. Jesus had compassion on a widow who lamented bitterly by reason of death of her only son. Here the lord said to the woman, "weep not". Such is the language of mercy. The prince of life finally called the young man from death to life. This is dominion of spirit of mercy. Mercy of God. From everlasting to everlasting Christ mercy is upon true worshipers in Christian world. Christ compassion extend to anti-Christ, Atheist, necromancer, Pagan, enemies of Christ, all classes of sinners, exception of those who sin against the Holy spirit.
 Beware of the worst misconduct; seeing that Jesus says," verily i say unto you, all sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith so ever they shall blaspheme: But he shall not blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation" Mark 3:28-29. Many in christian world have sinned against the Holy Ghost, but they know not. Learn to humble yourself before God, when you take the cup of salvation. Many a time magicians, idol worshipers, Atheist...etc sin against the Holy Spirit through they have no knowledge of the truth. 

 The Lord is at work on earth today, calling all to repent, exception of children of perdition. Let Jesus take monopoly of your soul in battle of spiritual deliverance. Obedience and submission to Christ commandment in the field of cross bearing for salvation of sinners and deliverance of problems in the midst of God's children speaks Christ mercy through you. Surrender your body soul, spirit and all that you have for Christ. Thus moving Jesus to manifest himself to you. Here he bless you with the spirit of compassion. Such is the method to reciprocate power to show mercy like Jesus. Christ work of redemption and price of salvation is Christ mercy.


 Holiness brings down increase of mercy. Stand on the Holy ground and call upon God to deliver you from hidden errors. Obedience and living according to God's word reaffirms son-ship of God, but you cannot diagnose your hidden fault. Here Christ disciple continue in Divine mercy for reason of keeping his soul, body and spirit clean according to Divine demands. Holiness speaks Divine pleasure. Labor for sanctity. Holiness is an infinite spiritual achievement. Even if Holy Ghost purifies you today beyond human wisdom. If you pant for sanctity tomorrow, he will increase the level of your holiness.
 Love to new life, and making every effort to put the old life to death, give the new life enough foot hold in your life. Here the new life. Such is the system to continue in divine mercy. Christ indwelling by reason of faith, obedience and submission to Christ teaching, renunciation of the world and renunciation of all for Christ, bless you with power to continue in Divine mercy. The Bible says "you are not of your own" your body is the temple of the holy spirit. Excel in holy meditation, Biblical decision-making, desire to return good for evil, desire to bring down divine pleasure first etc. The christian conduct enthrones Holy Ghost in your soul. Here all other spirit makes an escape. Such is the system to continue in God's  mercy. Labor for Christ formation in your soul. 
 Bear the cross of spirit development of all the true member of the church, thus building Holy and perfect dwelling in which God live by his spirit. Here you enjoy Divine presence in the church. That is the system to enjoy divine mercy. Excel in the habit in the habit of forgiveness; forgive others as Christ forgave your sin. Thus standing on the grand of mercy.

 The lord loves children of mercy. He will deliver them from any calamity. They set their hope on God, thus moving God to continue to deliver them. God is the rock and fortress for his children. God knows how to deliver the ungodly from plan of Satan and every satanic weapon fashion against them. The lord and captain of salvation would purify them for His own use. Holy Ghost take monopoly of this Christians. The lord deploys them in the battle of life.

1. Declare the reason for Christ mercy and grace.
2. Make known to tragedies in sin.
3. Tell the church Divine plan to usher man into the field of grace.
4. Who are the human born who have no portion in Divine mercy?.
5. Tell the method to move Jesus to manifest Himself to you.
6. Make known Christ mercy.
7. Inform the church 20 method to continue in Divine mercy.
8. What says the Bible about the desire for spiritual cleansing?
9. Tell christian world the portion of the merciful.