MEMORY VERSE:             John 14:17

 The Holy Spirit is here on Earth is a director in spiritual work. He is the wisest of all on Earth today. The spirit came down from heaven to lead us to God. You can not easily see him in the midst of sinners. Jesus fed his disciples many years with truth. but none of the disciples came to full knowledge of Christ teachings that that time. The Lord promised to send down Holy Ghost after His ascension. Seek the spirit to the best of your ability. Even if you had already received the knowledge of the truth, grow big in the knowledge and doctrine of this new life and also be baptized in the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit is the embryo till epitome of the knowledge of the truth. Every carnal Christian comes not comes not to the knowledge of Holy Ghost and the truth yet. T he spirit of truth descended from Heaven to convict the world off guilt in regard to sin and righteousness. Many feel that they have come to the knowledge of the truth and righteousness.

 Little knowing that beside Holy Spirit teaching, indwelling and leadership, there is no real understanding in the battle of life. The ancient of days, blesses the true worshipers with the power to overcome man's extremity, with leadership of Holy Spirit in the midst of Christians. The Spirit fight hitherto in inward and outward confrontation to exterminate and destroy unrighteousness. Arise and Please Holy Spirit. Such is the system to make friend with Him. The spirit goes on fighting concurrently with children of righteousness. Here they obey him and take to life-time disunity with lying spirit. Submit to a little bitterness in the teaching of Christ. Taste and assimilate the teaching with enjoyment. Such is the system to step down impenetrable union with abiding spirit of truth. Love attracts love. The truth love-love to the truth, enlarge the coast of the holy Ghost in the souls of sin-free and true worshipers. Avert all evil. Hold fast student spirit. Do not get slack in seeking infinite knowledge of the truth and righteousness. The Holy Spirit who works without ceasing in the midst of true worshipers is the abiding spirit of truth.


 He abides in true believers and open their understanding in spiritual warfare. He takes away spiritual ignorance. The spirit attract union with god and Jesus. He moves the true worshipers to have a share in divine worship on earth. The dominion of holy ghost separates a child of God from Satan, demon, sinners and the world. Though he lives on Earth he stands afar from her. The presence of abiding spirit of truth authenticates true worship and power to assimilate Christ doctrine. 
 The power of Satan is less than nothing in the presence of Holy Spirit in the life of Christ disciples. Whatsoever the defeated foe does to knock down the sin-free is imperturbable and vanity. God promised to pour down Holy Ghost upon all flesh. The disciple of Christ were baptized in the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. The fire of Holy Ghost consumed dross and foundation of impetuous spiritual warfare. The spirit is a great teacher, He extempore necessary teaching on time. 

 The fire of Holy Ghost exterminates weakness, but keep the fire of spiritual enthusiasm burning. Remember, Holy spirit is a great anti unrighteousness. He stands afar from false Christians and hypocrites in the church. Many a time he puts sinners to death in the church. The leadership of Holy spirit moves to take to intelligent negotiation with Christ, especially when the battle is hot. The abiding spirit of truth bears witness to spiritual adoption of Christ disciples and true believers in Christian religion. The spirit takes to necessary consolation. Here he drives away the spirit of discouragement and self-condemnation. He humbles himself in the method he moves God's children to match concurrently with Him to Heaven. Obedience to Christ attracts spiritual relationship in the body of Christ. Availability of abiding spirit of truth breaks down every barrier in the battle of life. Here a child of God continue to move forward. Submit to the abiding spirit of truth. You would not be able to number Divine goodness in your life if you obey Holy Ghost.

1. Who are the people who need Holy Ghost but in vain?
2. Make known to people deployed by God to seek Holy Ghost supremely.
3. Declare the part whereby the Holy Ghost plays in the knowledge of the truth.
4. Make known the people who fight concurrently with the Holy Ghost.
5. Intimate the church of abiding spirit of truth.
6. What says the bible about spiritual indwelling? Ezekiel 36:27, John 14:17.
7. Mention sixteen works of the spirit of truth in the sin-free souls.