Firstly, the word "REDEMPTION" means or refers to the action being saved by sin, bad doing, and even error, through blood of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

 The living on earth today are redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Jesus is life and a giver of earthly and eternal life here after. The blood of king Jesus is the life of Jesus. Such is the only true life on earth . You are called today to acknowledge your sin and confess and let go all unrighteousness if you live in sin, thus moving Jesus to wash away your sin by His precious blood. Here the nature of Satan (the old man) disintegrate and catch fire in your life.
 Acknowledge of sin, confessing and forsaking all is indispensable and inevitable in the earthly life of all human born, seeing that the Bible says "Behold, I was sharpen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceived me" Psalm 51:5. 
 Hereditary sin is the author of death, sickness, misfortune, hardship, down-grading, backwardness etc. The lord and captain of salvation descend into this world to take away both parental and personal sin by His precious blood. Do not delay when He calls. He is calling you now.

 Let all lawless men, fornicators, idol worshipers, drunkards, smokers, makers of idle curiosity, children of corrupt conscience, stubborn children, haters of mothers and fathers, daughters of evil, killers, backbiters, gossipers, busybodies, lukewarm Christians, anti Christ, backsliders, lovers and makers of unchristian conduct, necromancers, magicians, sorcerers, atheist, enemies of the cross, haters of righteousness, children of old life, members of the church that do not follow Christ teachings verbatim, false and sinful leaders in Christian world etc, acknowledge sins and let go now, seeing hat tomorrow may be too late. Beside the blood of Jesus, there is no other price of deliverance and inward salvation.

 The blood of Jesus is holy and perfect. There is no error in the blood. The blood of redemption (blood of Jesus) has no substitute. A sinner stands afar from the blood . The blood of Jesus is life. The blood is component and element of spiritual, ordinary and eternal life . Beware of anti blood redemption, seeing the gross unchristian conduct is a formidable killer. Diverse anti blood of Jesus whereby the prince of life calls you to guard against viz; concealment of sin, love to evil, having pleasure in unrighteousness, insensibility, committing sin with enjoyment, willful sin, evil vaccination, making covenant with Satan and death, enrollment in cult, renunciation of Christ and His teachings, returning to sin whereby you had confessed and let go, believing that your sins would not be forgiven, love to evil more than good and lovelesness to a little bitterness in righteousness .
 Beside sinning against Holy Ghost, there is no other sin whereby the blood cannot forgive, when a sinner belongs to God with contrition, confess and forsake all.

 This is the day of salvation. The blood of redemption is at work. The lord is calling, do not delay. Guard against unrighteousness. it was not well with first and second sinners (Eve and Adam), with a twinkling of an eye God drove them out of the Garden of Eden, the best place in the world. Here spiritual death overtook them. Adam let go the life whereby God gave him. The only life on earth today is the life of Jesus formed in a sin free soul. The breath of Almighty God (the breath of life whereby man breathes) is spirit and life. That the spirit and life belongs to God. It is not your property, T he lord can take away the life from you any moment. Knowing that the life is not your property, what hinders you from confessing your sins and let go completely now, so as to receive the life of Jesus, thus possessing life. Such is a personal life.
 Here unspeakable joy overtakes your soul at the completion of your earthly work, by reason for departing from the world as a living soul.

 Here, you make heaven at last. Whosoever refuses to confess his transgressions and let go all when it is not too late, would depart from the world empty. Do not delay; repent now if you are a sinner, seeing that Jesus says, "For what is a man profit, if he shall gain the whole world, and loose his own soul? Matthew 16:26. Unquenchable fire in the lake of fire awaits sinners. You cannot escape the eternal tormentation if you live in sin unless you repent. Let sin free worshipers continue in the spirit of a new life till they make heaven.